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Matt Perez

Matt had been around music and the world of DJing virtually his whole life. He began by accompanying his father on various gigs at a young age and started taking on his own gigs at the age of 15. Starting off with parties in the birthday / college / club scenes he then started looking into the world of weddings as well, leading him to his relationship with Main Event. In addition to DJing, Matt plays a variety of instruments and produces music. He also spends a few weeks out of the year as a touring musician with his band, as well as playing local gigs. He enjoys combining his love of DJing, passion for sound, and his personality and bringing them straight to your party!

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Client Comments

  • Lindsay

April 14, 2016

Rivier University

The service provided to us was excellent! Matt was a terrific DJ, he had a great level of energy the whole entire night and played a good variety that suited everyone in the room.