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Event UpLighting

Main Event’s lighting service adds romance, color and ambiance to transform your function room or tent into a magically lit setting for your perfect event. Project a monogram of your names on a wall or ceiling to further personalize your venue. Our lights can also sync to the beat of the music, adding excitement and bringing your dance floor to life!

Event Uplighting is one of the newest trends sweeping the event industry. There are many different people and companies offering different levels and types of Uplighting. Main Event Uplighting is a bit different from most of the Uplighting that you may have seen. We can create an array of beautiful effects for the different levels of your specific event.


During cocktail hour and dinner we can keep one color throughout that time or program a smooth, slow change through a pattern of colors.

Once the party starts and the dance floor is packed, we can have the lights change color to the beat of the music. Enhancing the excitement on the dance floor! This is where our lights are most different from the other lighting companies. Click on the video button to the right and watch the UpLights in action, changing to the beat of the music. We also have this video on a DVD if you prefer, just contactthe office and we will send a DVD out to you.


Another feature that sets our Uplighting apart from the others is Main Event Uplighting creates a strong beam of light giving a more intense and impressive look to your reception room. The other types of Uplighting tend to throw a “color wash” instead of a beam of light. We can achieve any color you are looking for from light pastels to deeply concentrated hues, giving your event the tailored look you desire.

Monogram Projection

$150 extra charge added for Monogram Projection which is your names or initials projected onto the wall, ceiling – where ever it looks best for your specific venue!


A Main Event Uplighting technician will handle your lighting the day of your event. This Tech sets up the lights according to the pre-planned design that has been created with you. The Tech can move lights if needed, for example if your cocktail hour is in a different room than the reception. The Tech stays for the whole event to control and program the lights according to the design plan.


UpLighting – $450

  • Includes up to 16 UpLights
  • Up to 6 hours of event coverage
  • UpLighting Tech (usually your DJ)

Add Monogram Projection to your UpLighting booking – $150
Book Monogram Projection without UpLighting – $200


For questions and more information about Main Event’s UpLighting, please contact us! We would love to share the excitement of UpLighting with you!




Client Comments

  • Jennifer & Lucas

June 1, 2012

Zorvino’s Vineyard


We ordered event uplighting through Main Event DJ’s. It was AMAZING. It really made a HUGE difference in the ambiance in the room. Our venue had high vaulted (exposed wood) ceilings. And it just looked so good! The lights were beautiful at dinner and added something to the evening. When the music really got going later in the night the lights beat to the music and made it look like a night club. It was really awesome! My husband fought me so much on the uplighting (lack of funds)… but told me at the wedding he was glad I fought for it. Because he admitted that it added so much to the environment of the wedding. If you have the extra money… definitely get the uplighting!!!