About Us

Main Event Entertainment – Established 1997

Our History

In the early 90’s, Joey worked as a bartender at a premier function hall in Derry, NH.  Joey, a naturally outgoing and energetic person, would always be bouncing around, dancing, joking and laughing with the guests and genuinely having a great time while he worked. One of the DJs who worked many of the weddings at this venue noticed Joey and asked him if he was interested in becoming a DJ. With a wife and 2 kids at home to support, Joey decided to give it a try. He trained for a while with the owner of the company and then DJ’d his first wedding in August of 1993. In a very short time, he shot to the top of the DJ roster and became the most popular DJ in the area, everyone who called wanted to book Joey for their wedding.

In 1997, half the DJs at the company left to do their own thing. It was at this time Joey and Kristin decided to go off on their own and create a new company, Main Event! In the beginning,  Joey was the only DJ, but within 2 years Main Event grew to 5 DJs, all personally trained by Joey. Today, the company still continues to grow with every passing year!

For more than 20 years, Main Event DJs have created parties people dream of, the kind of parties that leave you and your guests wanting more, and remember forever. Quite literally, Main Event is All Your Party Needs!

Let’s get this party started!