DJ Kevin Maldonado

Established 2020


Sometimes we find our passion in the unlikeliest of places. Kevin’s journey from the discipline of his US Marine service in Israel to the world of weddings is one such tale. His story starts far from the world of music, in the desert landscapes of Israel. While stationed there, a comrade-in-arms and friend introduced him to the idea of being a DJ. Inspired by his friend’s tales of thrilling audiences and creating unforgettable memories for couples and their families, Kevin started experimenting with music & DJing. The very qualities that made him a dedicated Marine – discipline, commitment, and attention to detail – also make him an exceptional DJ. Knowing he wanted to make DJing an integral part of his life, he reached out to Main Event to train under owner, Joey Dion and ultimately joined Main Event’s roster of amazing talented DJs & Emcees.

By day, Kevin trades stock and foreign currencies. He often jokes, “It sounds fancy but really, it’s quite boring.” When the sun sets, he swaps his financial charts for DJ decks. While stock trading and DJ’ing may seem worlds apart, for Kevin, they’re two sides of the same coin. Both require an acute sense of timing, a deep understanding of patterns, and a passion for the craft. His mixes have a knack for getting everyone on the dance floor, it’s his outgoing personality that truly sets him apart. His warmth and enthusiasm are infectious, making every event he DJs feel intimate and personal.

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