DJ Hayden Mailloux

Established 2015


Hayden started DJing the summer before his sophomore year of college. Growing up amidst the tunes of his father’s piano and the rhythms of his brother’s guitar and drums, he is no stranger to the world of music. He sang in chorus and played the saxophone back in the day and always looked up to DJs like Avicii, Deadmau5, Tiesto and Skrillex. He would watch their live performances on YouTube and be impressed by both the show and how the crowd reacted to the beats and energy, wishing to do that too!

With YouTube as his teacher and a laptop as his starting equipment, he dove deep into the world of DJing. Eventually, he upgraded to a Numark Mixtrack and just continued to practice, practice, practice. He started posting his mixes on Facebook and gained traction on campus. Some of his first gigs were college parties. They of course got shut down by the RAs, but still super fun experiences that he’ll never forget!

His accomplishments as a DJ are vast. Performing for an audience of 3,000+ with pyrotechnics? Done. Touring with GrooveBoston and bringing massive EDM productions to college campuses? Check. Opening for big names like the electronic trio Cheat Codes and DJ Pauly D? Achieved. With three club residencies in southern New Hampshire, he spun magic, mixing top 40 remixes, hip-hop, electronic, and throwback hits

As someone who understands and appreciates all genres of music, his passion for music and DJing is undeniable. He is extremely open-minded when listening to other music styles. With his experiences playing at clubs and festivals, he has a strong ability to read a crowd and play all the songs you didn’t even know you wanted to hear! He loves to throw it back with the hottest hits and classic jams that will get you pumped and reminiscing all night long.

Hayden holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations & Social Media Marketing, as well as a Master’s degree in Business with a concentration in Music Business from Southern New Hampshire University and Berklee College of Music.

DJ Hayden’s video is coming soon!

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