DJ Dan Pelletier

Established 2011


Dan Pelletier is a talented entertainer who takes pride in making each event he performs at exciting and memorable. Dan got his start with DJing when he was in high school, working as an apprentice with some of New Hampshire’s best entertainers. While attending the University of New Hampshire, Dan started entertaining at events on his own while pursuing a BA in Theatre. He draws on his background in stage performance to help motivate crowds through his enthusiasm and energy at each event. When he’s not DJing, he runs his own independent theatre company, and shares his passion for the arts as an educator and drama club advisor at The Arts Academy of New Hampshire in Salem. Besides his interest in arts and entertainment, Dan is a comic book aficionado and longs for his next trip up to FunSpot where he can immerse himself in the world of arcade games. He also is an avid Boston sports enthusiast, a podcaster, and a professional wrestling fanatic. With over 15 years of experience, Dan is a versatile entertainer who can bring the right energy and enthusiasm to any event.

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