Main Event Gear Meet Up

Main Event Gear Meet Up

What do DJs do when they have an day off on the weekend?

Get up early and set up all their equipment, of course!

This was something we have been trying to set up for a long time and DJ Adam Blackstock was finally able to put all the pieces together. Castleton Banquet and Conference Center was nice enough to open their doors to us on a Sunday morning so a bunch of us could lug in all of our gear to set up. It was great to see what everyone is doing differently, do a few speaker shootouts (side by side tests), and see the latest tech in lighting and sound everyone is using to personalize their setups. Make sure you subscribe to our blog, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to keep up with all of the latest trends, as well as some explanations of the differences in some of these set ups, but for now enjoy some pictures of our reception systems:

DJ Jay Malette (@jaymalette)
DJ Adam Blackstock (@djadamblackstock)
DJ Kibar Moussoba (@theonlydjkibar)

DJ Mike Benoit (@djmikebenoit)
DJ Justin Mellan (@mr.mellan)
DJ Matt Perez (@matthewperez_)