How Much Does a Wedding DJ Typically Cost?

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Typically Cost?

You got the Diamond! You got the Date! You got the Venue Booked! Now it’s time to book a DJ for your Wedding Reception. So, you’re probably wondering, how much does a Wedding DJ Cost? 

Wedding DJ costs can vary from DJ to DJ. Some companies and solo operators won’t give you a price until they have met you in person and get a feel for your budget. They are sizing you up from the moment they see what vehicle you drive and find out what your venue is. If you’re at a fancy country club they may charge more than if it is a backyard tent event. Lean more about how much a wedding DJ costs – read on! 

Start by asking for basic pricing.

One technique to use when calling a company that won’t easily give up their wedding prices is to ask “How much does a DJ cost for a birthday party?” Once you get a birthday party price then you can ask “How much is a Wedding DJ?” and hopefully they will be transparent with you!


You have a budget and need to save some money for Photography, Food, Flowers and many other wedding needs. We know in the beginning of your planning process, you just want to get some pricing to help give you an idea of how to make it all happen within your budget.

Luckily there are some DJ companies that will give you their pricing immediately.

They will tell you how much a wedding DJ costs. No fooling around with a ton of questions and making appointment after appointment. You can fill out a form on their website and immediately learn how much a wedding DJ is. 

In New Hampshire, the average wedding DJ cost is around $1600.00.

Prices will be higher for DJ’s that are more popular and in significant demand. Just like a relatively new DJ will usually get you a good discount. Do yourself a favor and go with a company that is not going to hard sell you and is willing to be transparent and tell you how much a DJ is for a Wedding at your first request!