When is Wedding Season?

When is Wedding Season?

Wedding Season throughout the United States can vary quite a bit.  

Wedding season in New England typically runs from June to the end of October.

Autumn weddings are extremely popular because the fall foliage makes for a stunning backdrop and the cooler weather is more comfortable for guests who are all dressed up in their formal attire. So while June is still a very popular month for weddings in New England, many couples are choosing to tie the knot during the winter or fall months.

In California It’s not uncommon to have an outdoor ceremony and reception at a Vineyard in January. In New England, January is a whole different situation. This is usually due to the weather patterns and winter storms. Outdoor wedding ceremonies in the snow are beautiful, but guests tend to get cold out there, so keep it short and sweet!

Of course, the downside of getting married during the winter off-season is that you may have to deal with some bad weather. But if you’re willing to take that risk, you can often get discounts on venues and other Wedding-related services.


The ALL TIME most popular wedding date every year in New England is the Saturday of Columbus Day Weekend in October. 

You won’t find any discounts for this date! Or any weekend date in September or October. Couples tend book these most popular dates about 18 months to 2 years ahead so they can get the venue, the DJ, the Photographer, etc. that they want. Booking your venue and vendors early will seem like a breeze. You won’t be dealing with multiple phone calls and emails just looking for anyone who has some availability for your desired date. If you inquire early enough, your heart’s desire of venue and vendors will be available for you!


When Should I Book my Wedding?

In New England, wedding professionals consider January, February and March to be “Booking Season”.

The couples that are booking at this time are usually looking for dates for the following year. For example, couples who get engaged over the holidays in 2022 will probably start looking for their Venue and other main vendors in January – March of 2023 and they will be asking for available dates in 2024.


Of course there are couples looking to take that walk down the aisle a bit sooner.

If you are just starting to look for a date that is only 6-8 months away, you have your work cut out for you! It will be a lot of research and reaching out to find wedding pros still available in that short of a time frame. However, if you are willing to consider a weekday wedding, your dream team of wedding vendors will probably not only be available for you but also offer a discount for a mid-week event!

Wedding planning can be tricky and time consuming. To make things easier on yourself, book your main vendors early (venue, DJ, and photographer). All the other details are not as time sensitive and the trends for design details will most likely change by the time your date rolls around! If you need DJ services or anything else, check out our pricing page and contact us today!