Do You Need a DJ For a Wedding

Do You Need a DJ For a Wedding

It’s no secret that weddings can get expensive. There are so many things to consider- the venue, the flowers, the clothes… If you’re looking to cut costs you may wonder, “Do I need a DJ for my wedding?”

After all, you could easily make a playlist and have someone hit “play”. However, hopefully, that someone knows what they’re doing. The last things you want on your wedding day are patches of awkward silence or a screeching microphone!

DJs do much more than play music. They know how to use their sound equipment, they act as an Emcee, and they know how to read a room. One of the biggest things a wedding DJ does is keep things running smoothly.

When considering if you need a DJ for a wedding, you should take into account all the roles a DJ plays. While you don’t necessarily need a DJ to play music, you might want a professional who is in charge of reading and controlling the crowd.

Ultimately, you have to decide if having peace of mind on your wedding day is worth the price you would pay for a DJ.

A hand rests on the turntable as a wedding DJ plays music with people dancing in the background.

Here are some things to consider when deciding if you need a DJ at your wedding:

Would you rent sound equipment instead?

If you don’t think you’ll need a DJ for a wedding, you will still want to rent sound equipment. You’ll need some kind of amplification so people can hear the officiant and your vows.

While renting equipment might cost less than a DJ, you’ll still need someone to manage it. If you want a certain song played as you walk down the aisle, you will need someone trustworthy to hit “play” at the right moment.

Plus, you don’t want your designated music player to feel pressured, knowing things could go wrong. Wouldn’t you rather your loved ones be mentally present on your wedding day?

In addition to being experienced with sound equipment, DJs can also bring additional special touches, like lights and photobooths!

Do you want people to dance?

Some guests can’t wait to get on the dance floor, while others would rather not. When assessing if you need a DJ at a wedding, consider your people.

You could make (what you consider) an absolute banger of a playlist, but did you include music your great-aunt might dance to? This is another important thing a wedding DJ does: they read the room.

While a DJ might arrive with a list of possible songs to play, during the event they can switch things up on the spot. They are able to tell what is working, and what music guests are enjoying.

Do you have time to make perfect playlists?

As you may know, wedding planning can take a lot of time and energy! So if you are going to DIY your music, make sure you have the time to create all of the playlists you will need. This will include pre-ceremony music and a cocktail hour.

A wedding DJ will do this all for you! Of course, you should let them know what songs you absolutely want on your big day. You just won’t have to worry about filler music and won’t have to research popular wedding songs.

Can someone else make announcements?

Another reason you might need a DJ at your wedding is to make announcements. You won’t have to find someone to tell your guests that dinner is served or that it’s time to cut the cake.

Wedding DJs are great for helping stick to a timeline. Since they have sound equipment, they can keep things on track by easily herding guests or getting their attention.

What is your guest count?

If you are keeping things intimate you may be asking, “Do you need a DJ for a small wedding?” Having a DJ for 20 people may seem like overkill. In this case, you may not need a DJ for your wedding.

Still, it depends on your guests and what you feel will fit your vibe.

Will you be constantly focused on the music on your wedding day?

The biggest reason you might need a DJ for your wedding is just for peace of mind. By having a professional in charge of the music, you won’t have to worry about equipment not working or guests requesting bad songs. This allows you to enjoy your special day with your partner and loved ones!

Female dress hems and feet are seen dancing on the dancefloor of a wedding.

So do you really need a DJ at your wedding? It’s completely up to you, and what is important to you and your guests.

If you’re prepared to put in the work to DIY, go for it! If you’d like to relax and have fun, consider hiring an experienced DJ, and let them help you throw an awesome party!