Everything There is to Know About UpLighting

Everything There is to Know About UpLighting

If you’re looking to add a visual “wow” factor to your wedding or event, you should consider UpLighting! DJ UpLighting allows you to create a unique ambiance for your event.

To set the tone of your wedding, not only do you want to hire an experienced DJ, but you want to pay attention to the decor as well. You might work with a florist and/or designer for things like flowers and table settings, but DJs can help with the decor as well!

We at Main Event offer UpLighting as an extra service, in addition to things like Photo Booths and a Dancing on a Cloud Effect. These kinds of additions can further transform your venue and give your guests an unforgettable experience!

A wedding cake on a pedestal with two purple DJ UpLights illuminating the large fireplace behind.

What is DJ UpLighting?

You may have seen UpLighting at events and not have known that it has a name! But what are DJ UpLights? Well, they’re exactly what they sound like!

DJ UpLighting is the placement of small light units on the ground that throw light upwards. They can be placed against a wall, column, or even a tree to give it a colorful glow. DJ UpLights are usually wireless LED lights, so they are easily moveable, and you don’t have to worry about tripping on cords.

How many DJ UpLights do I need?

The number of DJ UpLights you may need depends a) on your venue and b) where you want them.

One of the best things about the UpLights DJs use is how versatile they are. Do you want to highlight some trees or a fireplace? Do you want them to light up a ballroom? Your number of UpLights can be determined by where you’d like some color.

In general, it is best to place UpLights four to five feet apart. This creates the best look and keeps the color from being too concentrated. At Main Event, we can provide up to 24 UpLights.

What color will my DJ UpLights be?

Again, DJ UpLights are completely customizable! You can choose a light color to match your wedding colors. Or, if you want to keep things classic, you can give everything a soft amber or ivory glow.

Some of the most common UpLight colors are pinks, purples, and blues, but feel free to use your imagination and communicate with your DJ.

Sometimes UpLights can even change color with the mood of the music. While you might want something romantic for your first dance, you might also want something hot and fun for later in the evening.

We can also program our DJ Uplighting to sync to the beat of the music, adding excitement and bringing your dance floor to life!

A table at a wedding, with florals and glassware, with amber-colored chandeliers, and purple DJ Uplighting along the walls.

Why should I consider DJ UpLighting?

Do you need DJ UpLighting for your wedding? Not necessarily, but we can think of a few good reasons why you might want to consider it!

  • UpLights are a great alternative to candles. Not only are they customizable, but UpLights are less of a fire hazard than candles. If they tip over, they can just be righted back up! Plus, UpLights aren’t in danger of being put out by wind or rain.
  • Your venue may not provide lighting options. Sometimes venues can provide things like lanterns or string lights. If not though, UpLights are a good way to ensure that your venue has dynamic lighting.
  • They look beautiful in photos. Plus, adding more light to your venue helps photographers get clearer shots of your big day!
  • UpLights can save you money (and time)! It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. You’ve already spent the money on your venue and decorating it further will cost even more. DJ Uplighting is an easy way to add a simple, stunning visual without a bunch of extra pieces. Then at the end of the night, you don’t have to worry about where to put them or how to get rid of them!
  • UpLights can also save you time. Your DJ will set up, and be in charge of, the UpLights so you don’t have to worry about them. You can just dance the night away, basking in the glow of your beautiful lights!

If you had not considered DJ UpLights, or didn’t know much about them, we hope this information has been useful! We love helping our wedding couples create the event of their dreams, and adding special touches like UpLights can do just that.

Using DJ UpLights is a simple, but effective way to take your wedding venue to the next level!