Why Should You Hire a DJ?

Why Should You Hire a DJ?

If you are planning a wedding, you may find yourself wondering, “Why hire a DJ? Do I really need one or can I just make a playlist and have someone hit ‘play’?”

While weddings can get expensive, and it is tempting to save money, having a DJ at your wedding is one of the places you might not want to cut corners. Wedding DJs do so much more than just play music. They can be an integral part of your big day, from keeping things on schedule to

We’re here to give you five good reasons why you should hire a DJ for your wedding!

A DJ's hands rest on the sound board while guests dance under colored lights at an event

1. Professional Experience

One of the biggest reasons to hire professional DJs for your event is their knowledge and experience. Your wedding wouldn’t be their first rodeo, so to speak, so you can trust that they know what they’re doing.

With years, maybe decades, of experience, professional DJs have some tips and tricks that the average person with a playlist will not.

Experienced DJs know how to read a room and how to shift the mood of a crowd. Are guests hesitant to get on the dance floor? Your DJ will know just the song to play that will get people dancing!

Of course, DJs will also know how to set up their professional equipment, so you or a guest do not have to figure out how to set up a DJ system.

2. Reliability

Why hire a DJ instead of asking a friend to man an iPhone? A professional who is paid to be there, and provide DJ services at a party, is more likely to be reliable when/if things get wild.

When you book a DJ for your event, you both sign paperwork with clear expectations of times, duties, and prices. A DJ will stick to that agreement! You don’t have to worry about your DJ getting lost in conversations with guests, imbibing drinks, or even worse- just not showing up.

Another safety measure that makes professional DJs more reliable is they usually have liability insurance, should anything go wrong.

3. Venue Enhancements

Not only are professional DJs in charge of music and sound, but many DJs are also knowledgeable about other technology that can enhance your venue. They are equipped with visual extras that can further wow your guests.

These extras include things like UpLighting, photo booths, or the Dancing on a Cloud effect.

Hiring a DJ would probably mean you would have someone experienced with these effects to set them up. Plus, you would save money by bundling these extras with the price of your DJ than if you tried to buy or rent them individually.

4. Stick to the Schedule

One of the most important jobs of a professional DJ is actually not the music, but also being the master of ceremonies. This means a DJ can help keep your event on schedule.

Because the DJ is the one in control of the music and the microphones, they are the person that guests will be more likely to listen to. So, if you need to move a crowd, your DJ will be invaluable.

Maybe you need to buy time because dinner is running late or you need to make a last call at the bar so the venue can be cleared. A DJ and their microphone can help you stick to the schedule and keep things running smoothly.

5. Peace of Mind

Another of the main reasons people prefer to hire a DJ for a wedding or event is for their own peace of mind. There are so many things to keep track of on your big day, but your music and sound don’t need to be some of those things. You can leave those to the professionals and spend your time having fun.

When you hire a DJ, you can trust that they will be where they’re supposed to be and doing what they’re supposed to. They will be reading the room, playing awesome music, and keeping things going smoothly. This allows you to be more present with your loved ones without having to worry!

Plus, whichever guest you may have chosen to man the playlist can also relax and enjoy their time. They won’t have to feel pressure or worry about messing up and disappointing you.

A groom and bride dance in the center of the dance floor with pink lights and cloud-like mist.

So, why hire a DJ? Simply: it will make your life easier!

Hiring a professional DJ can make your event more enjoyable for you and your guests. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your DJ has your back.